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My friend’s mother is a real estate agent and recently discovered that the people who used to live in a house she’s selling abandoned their cat, whose name is Milo, when they moved. He was just waiting in the utility room where his food and water used to be and it’s very sad and appalling that someone would leave this pretty baby behind. He is declawed (front and back paws) and is very, very friendly. He needs a new home and  will be given to the shelter in a few days if they cannot find him one. If any one in the Killeen/Fort Hood area or surrounding areas (Killeen is an hour away from Austin) would like a very cute, very friendly, very lonely kitty, please send me a message and I’ll give you contact information to get him!

Save this baby my mom found. Super nice

i wish i could take this cute patoot but i couldn’t take the last cat we found so someone take this little dude

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    Reblogging in case anyone out there has room for a baby in the Austin/Killeen/Fort Hood area. Curse the humans who...
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    Does he still need a home? I live in North Austin, it’s not much of a drive if I can help.

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